Do you have a business that caters to families and children?
The My Kids Closet sale is a great venue to advertise your product or services. 
With 200+ consignors​ and​ 1400+ shoppers, you will be able to reach a large "target audience" in a very short time!

 We will accept any vendors whose product or services cater to families/children.  Please understand that you may have competition with the other vendors at the sale because we will not be placing strict limits on who can be a vendor.  We will however be putting limitations on accepting the  EXACT same companies.  For example, we would accept Mary Kay and Avon (two cosmetic companies) but we would not accept two Avons or two Mary Kays. Our goody bags and our website link have no limitations.  Please be aware of this possibility before you sign up for any of the packages.

For those who like to maximize your marketing exposure & get a bargain, you may sign up for our Gold Package
This affordable package will give your business incredible exposure to literally thousands of people!

​We also have other "packages" (at the bottom of the page) that can also give you an incredible bang for your buck!
We offer you several different options to display, sell, or advertise with us!  Please see opportunities below:
Silver Package
Cost - $50
*Vendor Booth
*Goody Bag
Goody Bags
Cost: $20​

Includes: 250 of your advertising items will be placed into a goody bag by a volunteer. They will be distributed to 250 shoppers!

Provide us with a coupon, brochure or promotional item and we will insert it into our goody bags which will be given to 250 customers. These items should not exceed 5" x 7" in size. Only one (1) item per vendor.  ie: If you have a business card and a flyer, they must be stapled together to make them "one".  Or if you have multiple items such as a pencil and a keychain, tie them together to make them "one" item. Please make sure item fits into bag, ie: no water bottles or very heavy items that will be too heavy for the bag.  

Be CREATIVE in your advertising and don’t miss this great opportunity to put your business name into the hands of our consignors and shoppers. Simply drop off your insert items and we will take care of stuffing the bags and getting them into your prospective customers’ hands.

Please make arrangements to coordinate and deliver the items to us no later than Monday, September 29th by 5pm
Please know, if you prefer, you may also make arrangements to deliver them to my home or work at an earlier date.  Please contact me to reserve a spot in our goody bags!

Vendor Booth 
Cost - $25
*8x8 booth area
*6ft Rectangular Table 
*2 Chairs
*Backdrop (8' felt covered board)
*Electrical Outlet (Extension cords not provided)

Set up a booth and market to hundreds of moms and families!  Promote your business throughout our entire 3 day event, including the

(Friday 4pm-7pm, Saturday 8am-3pm and Sunday 9am-1pm).

You also get to choose how much time you actually spend at your table during the sale.  You are free to display items, make sales, and pass out literature. 

Vendor Tables may NOT be shared.  You may bring additional racks or displays to use in your display area, please keep them small; you will only have a limited amount of space (approx. 8'x 8').  

Set Up Day will be: Thursday, October 2nd between 11:00am and 6:30pm.
This is the same time as our Consignor Drop Off Day.  There are a limited 14 spaces available.
 Please contact us to reserve your spot!  Upon receipt of payment, we will send you a PDF allowing you to request which table you request.

Cost - $20
Your business logo or graphic and link to your website or e-mail for up to 6 months.

Our website is visited by hundreds of consignors and shoppers each sale.  Provide us with a graphic for your ad and we will place it on our website for up to six months!

You do not need to have a website to purchase a website ad.  Please contact us and reserve a spot on our website!

Vendor Opportunities
              Early Bird Gold Package ~ $100 ~ Limit 3 Vendors
                    This package is an "early bird" special.
** In an effort to keep things fair, we will not sell the Gold Package to the same person twice in a row. There must be at least one sale between. Note: However, if there are slots still available before we place our postcard order, we will open it up to everyone!  :) **
* Your logo or business graphic, website and contact info on over 1,600 postcards
* Vendor Booth
* Goody Bag
* Website
                                         This is a super opportunity!!!!
Have you seen our beautiful postcards that are sent to over 1,600 people on our growing mailing list?  Now, you can see your business logo on them.  Take your advertising to a whole new level!
Bronze Package
Cost - $30
*Goody Bag
Cancellations made after April 15th, 2015 (FALL SALE) and cancellations made 2 weeks prior to set up day of the fall 2015 sale will receive 50% of their payment. 

Cancellations made after April 22rd, 2015 (SPRING SALE) and cancellations made 1 week prior to set up day of the fall 2015 sale will not be refunded.
Please understand, cancellations involving the Gold Package will not be refunded.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!
~ *Vendor Opportunities are open for our upcoming spring sale!*~

Contact US regarding any Vendor questions!  :)
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